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  The Office and the Network

The computer is an indispensible tool in virtually all parts of today's office work. Optimizing the effectivity, efficiency and reliability of the computer resources have fundamental influence on the business performance.

Below are some examples of what should be demanded from a your office network.
  1. There is integration between our data, website and methods.
  2. We share resources optimally.
  3. Production and exchange of work done must be smooth, flexible and safe.
  4. If we have a disk crash we are sure not to lose more than at most one day of work.
  5. The confidential data in the company is safe and under the full control of the management.
  6. There is a system in how data is being shared and who can read/change.
  7. Firewalling and other security measures are not just left to the user of the PC.
  8. When a new worm hits the Internet we are not likely to get infected.
  9. If the management need access to office data from outside that is no problem.
  10. Mail to the company is under full control and supervision of the management.

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  U5 and your office Network

We cooperate with the customer to establish a powerful and reliable networking environment in the office. The solutions are build around the U5 Confidence server. The customer is instantly benefitting from a long range of built-in advantages:
  • Sharing work   speed, easy, order and reliability of sharing office work is streamlined
  • Sharing resources: files, printers, internet, faxes made available for all as needed, independent of other users
  • Application environment   Get most from the powers of modern office applications.
  • Management access The management has full access to all company data from managers' own PCs.
  • Ease of PC management: establishing/servicing computers becomes much easier as they are "independent"
  • Remote Access Get access to your office network also when not home
  • Independency of a particular PC If a PC breaks the user can use another PC
  • Protection against data loss automated procedures guarantee that company data are backed up. RAID technology allows you to survive a disk crash without losing any data at all.
  • In-house Security: unauthorized access to data is blocked by the system
  • Strong Encryption Even stealing the server or its disk will not grant the theif any access to data
  • Virus/Worm protection Responsible server technology makes virus infection impossible. Worms (like Sobig, SBlast, Slammer, Code Red, Nimda) infected millions of computers, but could not infect U5's systems.
  • Low TCO Total cost of ownership is extremely low, due to record stability and very low maintenance costs.


TopicDescriptionU5's solutionAlternative "solutions"Your Status
Security Vira, Worms etc
The U5 Confidence server is immune to virus attacks (*). As it is keeping the data (with permissions) the problems around Virus-attacks on users workstations are strongly reduced. Internet-Worms (like Code Red, Nimda etc.) can neither attack the server nor the connected PCs Using no server or server technologies which has a history of being vulnerable to attack.
Problem from virus attacks are common. To defend a huge amount of updates and installations are needed.
Your Status
Security Data Privacy
Are your data protected from unauthorized access?
The U5 Confidence server runs your data on industrial-strenght and peer-reviewed security issues. U5 has had no cracked servers in the last 10 years. Using no server or risky server.
No server means no security in praxis. A risky server with a history of vulnarabilities may be cracked.
Your Status
Security Stolen Server
If your server (or a disk in it) is stolen
The U5 Confidence server runs your data on military-grade strong encryption. Unless the theif also has the password, access is impossible No other server has encryption as standard.
The theif has easy access to all company data
Your Status
Management Ease of PC management
How easy and safe is it to service or add a new PC?
As all advanced setup is done on the The U5 Confidence Server the users computers are simpler and need less configuration. As they do not contain company data they can be upgraded and repaired without concern of security. PCs contain company data and need to be setup for their network function.
All PC servicing is a more complicated affair, and sending a PC for repair is a security issue.
Your Status
Planning Structure design
Who set up the network structure
U5 designs the networking structure and stays with you. Done by the person who sold the computers, but who may not be an experierence corporate networking professional.
Many important issues not considered and solved
Your Status
Network maintenance Operator
Who takes care of the network?
U5 operates the solution remotely, on an as-needed basis. This gives you expert management at lowest cost. 1. The most PC-sawwy user does it
2. A full-time professional does it
1. Network management are best left to professionals
2. High cost, if he is not busy all the time (which he should not be)
Your Status
Access Availability of data
Is the data needed for doing work available any time?
The U5 Confidence office server keeps all office data and is running 24/7 with extreme stability. Users connect as needed, independently of other users. Data stored on users own or other users' PCs.
Back-up and management's monitoring of data is in praxis very difficult. Security non-existent. Dataloss after virus-attack, user-errors and hardware-problems are inevitable.
Your Status
Data Safety Backup
How well is office data backed up?
The U5 Confidence runs several automated daily back-up procedures, both to internal mirrored server-disks and external medias. All backups encrypted and can be handled by anyone. Back-ups done now and then.
Good chance that the back-up is old. No security and privacy unless all backups are done by trusted persons. High cost in time
Your Status

U5's Instant Value
The office is busy enough already and must keep functioning while improvements to the infrastucture are made. In U5's Instant Value concept we have a primary focus on the customer's network being valuable and easy to manage - right from the start.
  • Changes are made to fit well with the office's existing workflow.
  • No changes are made that interrupts work for a particular user for longer than at most few hours, and most users will be able to continue instantly.
  • Nobody depends on large-scale re-education to continue their work.
  • Any larger changes are done in easy manageable steps.
  • New procedures are well documented and easy to understand.
  • When the network is placed at the customer it is based on long tested and proven fundamentals.
Function Tasks Typical Applications
Correspondence E-mail / Text-processing MS Word / MS Outlook / OpenOffice
Inter-office communication Boards / Notes Phorum / Lotus Notes
Finance Accounting / Spreadsheets Navision / QuickBooks / MS Excel / MS Outlook / OpenOffice Write
Marketing Graphics / Lay-outing / Adobe Illustrator / - PhotoShop / Corel Draw
Sales Costumer Relation Management Act! / Maximizer
Design 2D / 3D OrCad / AutoCad
General Management Monitoring / Decisions All of above
Naturally, many of the mentioned applications overlap. In addition, literally thousands of different applications exist in every field of office work.

  The OfficeData and Networking

All activity is dependent on the exchange of data and work. In the early days of the computer this was expensive and difficult to achieve, so all kinds of workarounds existed, the most basic being carrying files on a floppy disk.

Since then networking has become easy, inexpensive and, when done right, extremely stable, efficient and secure. The demands to a network today is
  • Enabling sharing of resources: Files, Printers, Internet, Notes
  • Management of information access: Who can access, read and write
  • Data safety functions: Virus-scanning / Back-ups
  • Security: Protection against theft of data

  How is it done?

We want to tell you much more about this server, but to make it easier for you we have divided the documentation into several parts, depending on what background you have. Please choose from the menu below. We have estimated the time needed for reading each document.

What is a server anyway, who would need it and why? (2 minutes)
BSD technology, the leading server operative system? (2 minutes)

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