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The daily work needs to flow without problems. Files must be there, safe and ready.
  Better Resource and Data Sharing

Resources (files, internet, printers, faxes etc.) are shared and instantly ready for a user logging into the network, independently of who else is working.

Easier PC management
It is much easier to manage PCs. New PC? PC needs repair? Just do it. All the users work and the company's private files are safe on the server.

Management Access
Management have access to all files from own PC(s).
  Professional Mail Management

Proper routing and monitoring
Email dominates the company's communication. In a U5 Office system mail is routed and distributed as part of a plan.

"Something went wrong the PC all mail was lost." Maybe virus? Maybe disk crash? Positively poor management!
But with a U5 Office system mail is backed up on the server as soon as it arrives.

Email access
Are you home and want fast access, like with MS Outlook? Or out there travelling and need to check mail? Get the best of both worlds.
The company data should be well protected against loss and against unauthorized viewing or copying. U5 takes security very seriously, and the U5 Confidence server may well be a market leader here.
  Secure Data

Effective Sharing
Some files in the office are shared. Some are private. Some should be readable (and maybe writable) only by certain users.

Management in control
Who can read, write and do what is determined by the management and U5 in cooperation - not by the smartest computer user in the office!

The U5 Confidence server is a fortress against unauthorized access.
  Internet Worms and Viruses

Other servers get hit...
From time to time worm-attacks kills millions of computers. "Code Red", "Nimda", "Blaster"...

... not U5 Confidence
The U5 Confidence server laughs at them all. In 10 years we have not had one successful attack. Also the network PCs are fully protected.

Anti Virus built in
Viruses have a hard time too. They don't get far before they are discovered by the U5 Confidence server's Virus Scanner system.
  Data Security if Server is Stolen

Lost server...
What if your server is removed from your office? With servers and PCs theives has easy access to your data.

... unbreakable protection!
The U5 Confidence Server uses military-grade strong encryption on all office files. If the right password is not typed in when the server is started up then nobody on the planet can access data on your server.

Only with U5 Confidence
The U5 Confidence Server is the only server on the market with this feature as a built-in standard.
  Data Safety with Automated backups

Everyone knows the importance of backing up data. But how well is it done? Most offices faces severe loss if just one PC harddisk breaks.

... is done!
With the U5 Confidence server the work is done for you: All office data is backed up. Strong-encrypted, of course, so if you want to make an extra copy you can let anyone do it. And if you are running RAID you do not even lose a minute of work if a disk breaks.
  Remote Access

Are office workers or management travelling? Or do you benefit from outside help? The U5 Confidence server can be set to allow internet access as needed. Your documents and mail follows you.

... safely
All access is strong-encrypted ("Virtual Private Network")

Work from anywhere
By using http-based client-server applications you can do work from anywhere.
  Network Management by U5

Network administrator
Do you have a network administrator?

...or leave it to U5?
With a U5 Office network you have your own trusted professional at hand for your network maintenance. Note: There is usually very little to maintain.

Remote configuration
Most configurations can be done remotely. It saves time and costs.
  Rock Stability

BSD systems most stable
Servers should stay up and running, year after year.

NetCraft's list
BSD-based servers are the most stable, period. Check it yourself at NetCraft's Uptime Servey, where 43 of the 50 longest running servers are BSD-based. Such overwhelming dominance is unusual in technology.
  Total Cost of Ownership

Low Maintaining Cost
The winning stability of the BSD system is more than just good for your office productivity. It also means very little maintenance needed.

Low Establishment cost
Acquiring an U5 Confidence based network is often less expensive than other technologies.

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